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Is this you?


Records in a shoebox, the car visor or in a drawer somewhere...the last time you balanced the checkbook was last year...haven't filed taxes in a while...drowning in unfinished paperwork...spending too much time dealing with your bookkeeping, tax, and other matters... 

We can help!

Our Commitment

At North Shore Services, we treat all of our clients with courtesy and integrity, guarantee honest, accurate, and efficient work, and never, ever try to sell you services you don't really need.    Our years of experience and expertise guarantee that you're in good hands!  Whether you have individual needs, operate or need help with a small business, own rental property, aren't aware of or need help with government requirements (e.g. taxes, filings, licenses, etc.), we're your one-stop solution.  You're not an account - you're a person

 Let US do the heavy lifting - YOU run your business!

Just click on the Services Offered tab to see what we can do for you!

North Shore Services
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Serving all of Southeastern Wisconsin

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